Feed the Need


In the article “a selfless act of kindness brought me in touch with reality” by Elliot Howorth, the author loses his wallet three days in to his new job. His day is devastated and his funds for the week are gone, needing his wallet for the train ticket to reach his work the world became a grim place in his mind. The view he once had of London had changed from one of wonder to one of malcontent. He searching for his wallet at the last place he remembered having it and once he finally made it to work, griped to his co-workers and anyone that would listen. his faith in humanity had been lost, and expecting the worst of the situation, never believed he would ever get it back. That afternoon while browsing social media he noticed a notification on his twitter account reading, “Hi Elliot I think I’ve found your wallet in SE14”  posted that morning and had contacted his friends, returning it promptly to the place he was living. This was just a simple selfless act of act of kindness but to one, second year collage journalist, it changed his outlook on the kind people of our world and restored his hope for humanity.


3 thoughts on “Feed the Need

  1. This post is very great and I can connect with it so well, for I too have lost my wallet. IT is a depressing feeling knowing that your money, valuables and personal information are out and open to the world. I was fortunate enough that a kind young teenager found my wallet in a park where I had been and returned it without a scratch. Keep up the great posts.


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