Feed the Need: What Could Grow Wrong?

In my English class we’ve began a twenty time project, a project we devote 20% of our time to in order to try and feed a need either for ourselves or others. The project I’ve come up with and decided to devote my time to, is a Recyclable garden because what could grow wrong with an idea like that? All puns aside, I’m hoping my project will help others learn to grow their own food with simple common house hold items. So far I’ve gathered the supplies I need for my first run though of this experiment, which consist of lettuce head bases, avocado pits, toothpicks and mason jars along with egg cartons, some beans with little skewer support posts and some fertile soil. I’ll keep the blog posted with pictures and all the evidence I’ve found and at the end I plan to create a video of all the compiled photos documenting the project in its entirety. 


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