20 Time Update

for the past few weeks I’ve devoted 20% of my class time to a project I like to call Homemade Hydrophonics (yes I know it’s spelt Hydroponics). My goal has been to spread how easy it is to regrow vegetables in the comfort of your own home I’ve documented the regrowth of a lettuce heart and I’ve been astounded to find just how much it’s grown within the span of a week! Everyday I change the water and document just how much is grown and periodically I update the Facebook page I have devoted to the project, the goal being to spread it’s awareness.  Not many people have taken an interest in it yet but to be fair the page is still striving towards it’s full potential. If you’d like to check it out I’ll add the link at the base of the post so it’ll be easily accessible.  Homemade Hydrophonics20170120_075312.jpg


3 thoughts on “20 Time Update

  1. i would like to know how big of a garden are you planing to grow. i know this is still the start to your project but what are you going to grow?


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