Hover Boards: Explosive Fun for Everyone! 

Remember those passed crazes in the 80’s? Things like reebok pumps and cabbage patch kids? Boomboxes and the “rad” ideas of the future? Well in 2015  one of those fantasies was copied/infringed into a popularized meta reality, and it couldn’t have disappointed us more. After a full thirty minutes of rolling around your kitchen floor –yes it rolls instead of any form of hovering– you get the opportunity of a select few to blow a hole in the side of your wall. That’s right this rushed –and stolen might I add– product has been created without any limiter system for the battery causing fires and damage to the owner’s home.

I was able to get the rare opportunity to test one of these decommissioned and recalled monstrosities quite recently. As rode it down the street to a nearby coffee shop I was met with perplexed stares and a strict warning from a pair of police officers. Who let me know that operating these machines on public walk ways and our streets is actually illegal, if not meeting certain parameters and can cost you $250 when cited. I was lucky with the warning. The only way I could have made the situation any more cringy would be if I spun two fidget spinners as I rolled by on my non-hovering explosive death device.

To be fair I’m sure the product could have been great, it’s patent was copied and stolen from a man named Shane Chen, who despite what some might think, didn’t receive a penny for his creation. Which had been stolen and cheaply reproduced by the thousands in china. If it had been more popular originally and sold by the actual creator at the very least it would be safer for the public. Or at least maybe the knock offs could have been more original and advertised hover boards as devices used to improve balance, how to survive a hostile bomb situation, or god forbid, even as a handle-less segway? Unfortunately, they weren’t advertised or copied with any major difference from the original. The ones we got were a mistake, killing their short lived fad almost as quickly as the Galaxy S6 edge. 


Humans of Denmark- Queen Gertrude

6804,Lady Jane Dudley (née Grey),by Unknown artist

The worst thing I’ve ever done was probably marrying the wrong man. Don’t get me wrong I love my son, I’ve had a great life, and for a while my marriage was peaceful but he never had time for me. I guess in my loneliness I found companionship with his brother, he treats me even better than the late Hamlet did and I expect he’ll make an even better King. If I’d only found him first maybe things would be different today. 

The Devil in the White City Blog Post #1

The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson is about the lives of two very strikingly blue eyed men in the 1800’s one by the name of Daniel H. Burnham and the other by the name of Dr. H. H. Holmes, although they were both known to be very captivating men they lived very different lives. Burnham being an architect and Holmes, a doctor. As the chaos of 1800’s Chicago builds leading up to the 1893 World’s Fair these men find themselves on opposite sides of creation and destruction, Burnham being the creator of the the White City and Holmes, the Devil who plays within. The first few chapters focus mainly on Daniel Burnham, as a teen and young adult he was a slacker and couldn’t hold down a job. He was a talented young man none the less and once he got his act together he and a incredibly bright work partner would become some of the best architects of their time.

20 Time Update

for the past few weeks I’ve devoted 20% of my class time to a project I like to call Homemade Hydrophonics (yes I know it’s spelt Hydroponics). My goal has been to spread how easy it is to regrow vegetables in the comfort of your own home I’ve documented the regrowth of a lettuce heart and I’ve been astounded to find just how much it’s grown within the span of a week! Everyday I change the water and document just how much is grown and periodically I update the Facebook page I have devoted to the project, the goal being to spread it’s awareness.  Not many people have taken an interest in it yet but to be fair the page is still striving towards it’s full potential. If you’d like to check it out I’ll add the link at the base of the post so it’ll be easily accessible.  Homemade Hydrophonics20170120_075312.jpg

Feed the Need: What Could Grow Wrong?

In my English class we’ve began a twenty time project, a project we devote 20% of our time to in order to try and feed a need either for ourselves or others. The project I’ve come up with and decided to devote my time to, is a Recyclable garden because what could grow wrong with an idea like that? All puns aside, I’m hoping my project will help others learn to grow their own food with simple common house hold items. So far I’ve gathered the supplies I need for my first run though of this experiment, which consist of lettuce head bases, avocado pits, toothpicks and mason jars along with egg cartons, some beans with little skewer support posts and some fertile soil. I’ll keep the blog posted with pictures and all the evidence I’ve found and at the end I plan to create a video of all the compiled photos documenting the project in its entirety. 

Feed the Need


In the article “a selfless act of kindness brought me in touch with reality” by Elliot Howorth, the author loses his wallet three days in to his new job. His day is devastated and his funds for the week are gone, needing his wallet for the train ticket to reach his work the world became a grim place in his mind. The view he once had of London had changed from one of wonder to one of malcontent. He searching for his wallet at the last place he remembered having it and once he finally made it to work, griped to his co-workers and anyone that would listen. his faith in humanity had been lost, and expecting the worst of the situation, never believed he would ever get it back. That afternoon while browsing social media he noticed a notification on his twitter account reading, “Hi Elliot I think I’ve found your wallet in SE14”  posted that morning and had contacted his friends, returning it promptly to the place he was living. This was just a simple selfless act of act of kindness but to one, second year collage journalist, it changed his outlook on the kind people of our world and restored his hope for humanity.

Ulysses Last Great Adventure


Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson is a take on Ulysses life as he nears his impending death, knowing he can’t run from his old age forever he decides to leave on one last adventure with his crew from before, he said once “I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees… I am become name” his last goal is to travel for what ever time he has left, enjoying life to the “lees” or undesirable parts happy that he has anything at all. He has become legend in his younger years, so much so that many know his name and his adventures getting home to Ithaca. Now he pushes for one more adventure, one more time to explore the unknown world. To become legend, to become name.